Finding Purpose

For a long while now, I’ve been wanting to do something that’s bigger than myself – to serve others in a bigger way than just ‘being nice’ on a day-to-day basis.

I’ve been thinking about a few different avenues – my calling to become a life coach being one of them – but I kept coming back to a cause that’s been dear to my heart for a long time; helping homeless people.

When I was about 13-14 years old, I remember receiving visits from recovered drug addicts at my school. They would tell us about their childhoods, how they got into drugs, how they lived on the street, begging and sometimes robbing people, and how their lives had become completely consumed by their addiction.

They were, of course, invited to speak to us in order to prevent us from going down that same path…and their stories touched me deeply. I started thinking; How can I help them? What can I do help homeless people and people who struggle with drug addiction?

That’s how it started – I’ve been helping ever since – and that is now how the Winter Warm Project” has come to be.


The Winter Warm Project

– Handmade Scarves for Homeless –

The project officially commenced 30th March 2019 and has been incredibly rewarding – not only for myself, but for everyone involved.

My inspiration for the project was taken from a Norwegian campaign called “Oransje Skjerf” (Orange Scarves) which started locally in Oslo by “Kirkens Bymissjon” and has now spread to every major city across Norway. They started handing out 100 orange scarves in 2011 – by 2017 it grew to an incredible 15,000 scarves.

This year we started with 50 scarves, but for next year we fully intend to supercharge the project 🙂

Our objective for 2020 is to make 500 handmade scarves for people living on the streets in Sydney


How you can help:

In order to meet our objective by 31st May 2020, we’re in great need of:
• Volunteers
• Handmade scarf donations (crocheted, knitted, woven…etc.)
• Any yarn donations – even Scrap Yarn – as long as it’s clean and fresh

Please Send Any Donations To:

Winter Warm Project
c/o Kristine Ekelund
PO Box 112
Pennant Hills NSW 1715

For more info, please contact the “Winter Warm Project” through the below links:

Instagram/ Facebook: @winterwarmproject


1 comment on “Finding Purpose

  1. Lykke til! Viktig å bli sett for alle mennesker, uansett livssituasjon.

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